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My Introduction:

Hello everyone, my name is Ameyla [ pronounced a-may-lia ] and i am from France but Live in the Netherlands currently.

My story:

For a lot of years i grew up moving around alot to multiple houses and never being allowed to do anything apart from studying and so when i was 11 and got my own laptop i was pretty excited, still only allowed to do studying on it, i asked my parents if i could maybe run a minecraft server, so they asked if i was gaming and they took the laptop from me until i was 15 and they asked me if i wanted it still.

Ever since i've ran my own minecraft servers, working on my own on the .yml's and the configs to get them to work like i wanted them to.

Currently i am 21 years old and have had 10 nearly 11, by now i have helped other servers with being a Dev [ just working on yml & conf's ] or becomming the Co_owner within the first day because i knew how to help properly, and i hate getting everything because of my parents so i work for it.


My contribution to Chokestars:

I've done my best to provide the best i can to the server, meaning logo's banners, idea's and some small builds, but also working on configs, i also had a bit of a hand with the permissions.yml in the Factions server.

What people can expect from me as a staff member?

Thats the easiest question from all of these for me.

What you can expect from me is a woman who will listen to your problems, give you advice, and take you serious.

Do you need something on the server, or encountered the problem? If i'm not in a bad mood i will almost always fix right away
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We're looking forward to having your help! You make a great addition to our team :-d
Visit our community Discord!
Posted Jan 26, 19
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